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If you are reading this you are either a recruitment agency or someone looking for their next opportunity to be an effective member of a Senior Leadership Team. I’m only interested in the latter so apologies to the agencies this time around.

Xbite is a B2C e-commerce business trading across a large number of own brand websites in addition to various marketplaces around the world. We are on a great growth curve looking to turnover £55m this year with around 150 like minded people. If you want to learn more about the business please visit (but I suspect you’ve already done this).

My name is Nick Whitehead and I’m looking for someone who is a like minded individual that can add value and build momentum across the spectrum of all things IT. It is a really important role as we consider the company to be focused on technology to help deliver our aims and objectives. The role is very broad and deep, requiring understanding across hardware, cloud services, third party apps, integration techniques and software development across 3 major in-house platforms. 

We will be re-writing our e-commerce platform from a blank piece of paper and it will be exciting to explore the best architecture, framework and techniques to build a platform to last the next 10 years. Do you think you could lead on such a project and work with the team to produce something modern and innovative?

The team consists of 15 developers and support roles and I feel we need to step up in our approach to software development - We need additional recruitment and the team is ready for this. 

I could talk about the technicalities of the role and areas of responsibilities but I’m looking for someone with experience and to some extent I’d expect these areas to be fairly obvious and standard - please see that doc here. I’d rather talk about the type of person we are looking for and being a team player is really important. Listening and engaging with the development team is the number one priority as we seek to service the development demands from the business (we have a huge backlog of work and ideas!). It’s just as important that you can fit into the SLT and bridge the gaps between the IT possibilities and the commercial needs.

I’m looking for a sponge, someone who lives and breaths learning and wanting to continually educate themselves and stay in touch with the IT sector. It is such a fast pace sector that I feel no company can stay truly abreast of all the developments and therefore our goal is to see how close we can track the development curve over the years.

Finally, and maybe I’m pushing my luck here, I am looking for someone who can be proactive across the spectrum of responsibilities as I feel this role and this department can add additional commercial value on top of the normal commercial plans.

Check out our values as it’s important we have true alignment and is something we can discuss during the interview process -

It’s an exciting role at the point where the company is transforming to build policies and ways of working, focused on being efficient and effective and leaving out the bureaucracy administration burden. This role will play a key part in developing the IT department and play a major role in moulding the direction of the company in future years.

Please, please, please only apply if this role aligns with your values and determination. We are ready to appoint this role and these opportunities do not come up too often. 

Nick Whitehead


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