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Our Story

Nick and Keely started the business in their spare bedroom after a number of years gaining experience in employment which served them well launching and developing Xbite.


From humble beginnings Xbite was launched

It was a great time to start an online business on the eBay marketplace with just £1000. It was like the online version of the Wild West in the early days with the company dedicated to retailing video games and accessories. We hired our first employee, Tracie, who is still with the company today!


Hard Work pays off with First Premises

With a lot of hard work from a small team and plenty of blood, sweat and tears, the company invested in its first commercial premises. Still exclusively retailing video games, Xbite became a significant independent reseller in the sector. Unknown at the time, this year was an important milestone where Xbite developed the first proprietary IT, ERP system, something that would later become a core pillar to the growth of the company and provide a vital USP.


People & Category Expansion

Turnover reached £23m

Most of the Senior Leadership Team and senior managers were employed at this point. Little did they know how their careers would progress, with many of them starting in lower roles and working their way up to more senior positions, gaining lots of experience and knowledge along the way.

The company commenced the expansion into new categories and by 2020 these categories would account for 80% of the items sold.


Largest investment made in new premises

The largest investment made to date with the purchase of 4 acres of land at Barlborough to build a custom designed warehouse and head office.

The second iteration of our IT system was launched and we expanded the business into new territories as the company dispatched to 120 countries around the world.


Growth brings further expansion to the new premises

Many elements of the business matured, with the extension of the warehouse and awesome offices being created. Our internally developed HR system started to deliver a positive ROI, introducing great benefits for employees and embracing recognition and reward approach.


Record turnover & further expansion of premises & people

Reaching £42m turnover and further expansion of premises with warehouse space totalling 185,000 sqft and operating from bespoke offices in Barlborough, Chesterfield. The in-house developed ERP system is well into the second iteration along with the Hub4HR platform maturing, delivering key benefits and enhancing the employee experience.

With 130 employees, many of which have been with the company for a large part of its history, we look forward to exploring the future for commercial opportunities and ensuring we “Find the fun in what we do”.

Key Staff

  • Nick Whitehead

    Nick Whitehead

    Managing Director

    Nick's background of project management and company leadership in a variety of industries over the last 20 years has been invaluable in order to direct and lead Xbite through the technical and fast-paced world of e-commerce.

    ''After completing my A levels in Business Studies, Mathematics and Statistics, I had an opportunity to attend university but I just wanted to get into work - any kind of office role. My first job was a glorified tea boy (Office Junior) earning £6,500 per year with a shop fitting design company in Leicestershire. I just wanted to learn everything and within a couple of years, this approach paid off and I was running a project with Starbucks helping them roll out stores in the late 1990's.

    Following this, I moved to a joinery company running a 10-man joinery shop, the first time I'd run any kind of company. This was a random opportunity as I knew very little about joinery. In 2002 I moved "Up North" to Sheffield and secured a job as General Manager for a prestigious motorhome manufacturer. In these roles, I learned a lot about accounts, HR, and the ecosystem of a company. In 2003 I left to start up my own business called 3r, a disc repair service for DVDs and Video Games serving consumers and trade customers and a business that is still operational today. Six months later Xbite was founded and with help from my brother, who was in the video game industry, I quickly grew sales online at a time when internet sales were on a high growth curve.

    Looking back when the business started in 2004, it seemed like an exciting time, but it wasn't all fun and games. There was a lot of trepidation and a tremendous amount of learning. As in all small businesses, my role at the start covered everything from accounts, sales, buying, goods in and out, development of processes and systems - even walking the boxer dogs, Harry and Charlie who came to work every day for 10 years.

    Working with Directors, Managers and Staff, my core focus today is to empower and promote employees and give them the best opportunities to shine. Processes, IT systems and HR are areas I particularly value and we have exciting projects running to create efficiencies, ensuring we stay competitive in this very dynamic sector.'' - Nick

  • Scott Kehoe

    Scott Kehoe

    Commercial Director

    Scott joined Xbite in March 2009 and has held a number of roles within the company, giving him a great understanding of how the business operates.

    He is currently responsible for overseeing the day-to-day tasks of the commercial team, delivering key company strategies with particular emphasis on product diversification and entry into new markets.

    He previously worked for a temperature controlled logistics company as a Stock and Administration Manager where he was responsible for the implementation and on-going management of key contracts.

  • Paul Ravilious

    Paul Ravilious

    Finance Director

    Paul joined Xbite in July 2012. He is responsible for the financial management and strategy of the company and directly manages Xbite’s accounts department.

    Prior to joining Xbite, Paul was Senior Commercial Manager with global financial services group HSBC plc.

  • Steve Eyre

    Steve Eyre

    Technical Director

    Steve joined Xbite in 2010 after completing his Masters Degree in Software Engineering at the University of Sheffield.

    He is responsible for the design, development and maintenance of the software systems that help Xbite operate, and supporting the IT infrastructure of the business.

  • Daniel Robinson

    Daniel Robinson

    Head of Sales & Marketing

    Daniel joined Xbite in 2011 and is responsible for the Sales, Marketing and Customer Relations departments.

    The development and implementation of our sales and marketing strategies takes a holistic approach and includes the customer relations side of the business as a key pillar of support. Daniel and his team are responsible for ensuring we are delivering on our sales targets and that each of the departments are working towards the same company vision.

  • Rikki Stout

    Rikki Stout

    Head of HR

    Rikki joined as head of HR at Xbite in April 2020. Rikki has been in HR now for around 5 years and prior to that, he was a professional rugby player for a variety of teams up and down the UK. Most proudly though he still plays for his home town (honorary) club Rotherham Titans.

    This background has given him a strong understanding of the value of building trusted relationships and nurturing people to their full potential, two values also adopted by Xbite. He's looking forward to working with the team here to really help expand the business and develop people over the next few years.

  • Jeanine Whyman

    Jeanine Whyman

    Office Manager

    Jeanine joined Xbite Nov '19 as Office Manager. Jeanine works closely with Nick in supporting the departments and business where required. Jeanine’s background is predominantly retail management.

    “I joined Xbite as I saw a growing and exciting company where most of the team have been given opportunities to develop and grow into challenging roles. This has created a highly engaged and driven team”

    Our Values

    Our values allow us to come together with a common understanding of what is important and will guide us to build trust and momentum for long term success and to work successfully together.

    Innovate and invest today to achieve more tomorrow
    Work together to build trusted relationships
    Be bold to be awesome
    Create and take opportunities that othere daren't
    Nurture our work family to discover their true potential
    We take pride in the relentless pursuit of our aims and objectives
    Find the fun in what we do

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