An apprenticeship with Xbite is a real job and we respect them as a valued contributor to the business. We have trained more than 20 apprentices in 2019 with the majority of them being offered a permanent position afterwards.

“When I had completed the course in 2015, I was offered the position of a permanent full-time Junior Buyer. After a successful year in this position, I was given the opportunity to join the new and exciting In-House Brands team as a Junior Buyer.”


Our Accounts department is responsible for the control of all customer and supplier relationships, supporting the business activities around the world and keeping our accounts in great shape. Organised and analytical thinking, a good grasp of systems and a professional attitude to accuracy and compliance are key in this department – it’s not your usual accounts department!

“Working in the Accounts department is fast paced and ever changing as the business expands. We’re looking for people who are dedicated to high standards and are seeking to advance their personal development while helping to guide the business forward.”


Our business is built around the products we offer for sale, the commercial department is responsible for the millions of items we purchase. We work closely with an ever growing catalogue of suppliers and manufacturers from all over the world, these valued relationships allow us to deliver quality and value as well as drive sustainable, profitable growth.

“Our department is dynamic and fast paced in a dynamic sector and we can’t stand still for a moment. Discovering new opportunities and maximising them is just a way of life for us. We need to be bold to be awesome.”

Customer Relations

Our Customer Relations department is responsible for supporting our valued customers around the world whenever they need help, as well as being the vanguard in the ongoing battle against fraud. We are on hand to listen and answer a large variety of queries via email, social media, phone, and webchat.

“Working in the Customer Relations department is fast paced and energetic. We’re looking for natural problem solvers and decision makers who really care about people. We want you to have a great personality and an attitude to match.”


We are a small but close knit team and we are here to support all things relating to discovering new people and supporting the existing workforce. We deal with all sorts of various challenges on a daily basis, from big projects that help shape the business internally, to small tasks like running the monthly “Wheel of Awesome” for a bit of fun. Our main areas of focus are recruitment, learning and development, benefits and we also look after ‘The Hub’ our own purpose built, people management system.

“No day is the same and that’s where we thrive. With multiple touch points throughout the business, promoting our values and helping to create a high performing culture, HR is where the magic happens. Working at Xbite is exhilarating, and relentless, but a heck of a lot of fun with truck loads of job satisfaction.”


The IT department is responsible for development of systems and IT infrastructure that help power Xbite forward. From the delivery of products, through to making sales to our customers and getting the orders to their destination. There’s loads of different and incredibly varied projects going off at all times.

“We look for people who love a challenge and enjoy problem solving, with a keen eye for making efficiencies. Team working is very important and our employees support and work together to achieve the projects that we are all proud of. We strive to use the latest technologies and act quickly to discontinue legacy elements that hold us back.”


Our warehouse is the engine room for Xbite, ensuring that all products are treated with priority and care from the moment they enter the site. Goods are received and put away the same day. Orders are also picked, packed and dispatched the same day. It is our sole aim to service the customer with the item they purchase, in a timely manner.
We are always aiming to achieve higher results and standards week on week, month on month.

“We are looking for dynamic individuals, people who can think outside the box and also work proactively as well as reactively. Due to our working standards, ethics, environment, and rewards, job satisfaction naturally follows. We have a great positive working morale, as well as building towards an impressive multi-skilled workforce.”


Our Marketing department is a hothead of creativity and an exciting place to work. Driving sales through promotional activity and delivering an exceptional experience to online shoppers through our websites is really important to us.

“We are looking for people who can put themselves in our customers’ shoes and design and deliver the perfect shopping experience. We want creative thinkers who know a good deal when they see one and want to shout about it from the rooftops – who can innovate today so we can achieve more tomorrow.”


Our Sales department is responsible for making sure that we are delivering growth in sales and that our sales channel estate is optimised. Confident decision making and critical thinking are key to achieving this.

“Working in the Sales department is fast paced and highly rewarding. We’re looking for people who can think on their feet and take action with confidence. Attention to detail and natural curiosity are key traits we seek.”


We have listed all the other roles that don’t naturally belong in a department here, however please don’t be put off by this as you won’t be alone you will be part of the whole team.

“Working at Xbite comes with a truck load of job satisfaction. Each day we are all working relentlessly towards our aims and objectives. We are proud to have a great culture based on teamwork and we support each other to ensure we achieve the best possible outcome. We also find the time to have some fun along the way.”


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