2020 was a difficult and polarising year not just for businesses but more importantly for our personal lives. Some people have faced tremendous challenges dealing with a worldwide pandemic which are rarely seen twice in a lifetime. The business community has been generally well supported with government initiatives and although Xbite has not required the support, it has been very much welcomed for the broader benefit of our supply chains and partners.

It is humbling to see our dedicated work-family pull together in times of uncertainty to ensure we protect jobs and livelihoods. Our values are an important element for guiding our future growth as we seek to play the infinite game’ rather than one of the quick wins. 

Highlights for the year include record turnover and employee headcount of 200 at the Xmas peak trading, the installation of 280+ solar panels that will materially reduce our carbon footprint, and a step up in our Distribution Centre to a new unit. Achieving our 70th apprenticeships is also a proud moment not to mention the birth of 4 gorgeous babies!

The creation of the ‘Step Into Employment’ initiative to assist work-ready homeless people back into employment (and society) and onboarding the local councils such as North East Derbyshire District Council and local charity, Pathways (Chesterfield) has been a significant moment during the year and we hope to extend the impact further by reaching out to fellow businesses to get onboard. (check out http://www.stepin.org.uk)

Starting an office fit-out and doubling the space is really exciting and we have great plans for 2021/22 to further enhance our work facilities at both our headquarters and Distribution facility. 

It’s been a relentless year which we have taken it in our stride. As we enter 2021, we look forward to exploring opportunities for the business and supporting careers along the way but most importantly, let’s find the fun in what we do.


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